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The difference between digital piano and tradition

Comparing to the traditional piano, digital piano is less troublesome, all you need to do is plugging-in; save you from piano tuning. And some portable model of digital piano can be carried away at any time. This is perfect for young people who like the piano, but need to move frequently, or even moving to another city! Work and life is already very busy, in the tight schedule, you also hope to squeeze out a little time to play the piano, to satisfy your own little interest. Even worked overtime until the night home of the night, with insomnia; of course you want to play more than a few minutes. Digital piano can be directly inserted in headphones, not disturbing other the people is really an irresistible advantage. And all this is something that traditional piano can never provide to you.

Beside of that, digital piano is more entertaining. Let alone the variety of tones, reverb, directly recording all these. the digital piano can be considered a keyboard input device. Plug a USB to the computer and use software like Ivory American D, and Piano; you almost like change a whole new piano.We know that in the Bach period, there was no modern piano yet, and everyone used harpsichord. So, you can try to play the equal temperament with the sound quality of the harpsichord, and even though the keyboard feels like the modern piano, it is far closer to Bach than the using traditional piano. This kind of fun is something that traditional piano can never provide. Digital piano can be made more selective. Relatively lower price, no need for tuning, no maintenance.

But, there is always a but. Digital piano still can not give you the kind of perfect combination of industry and art, the clean and pure sense of music like traditional piano. Just like in John berg’s book, The Way to Watch, even though having this high-resolution picture on the internet, we still buy flight ticket to Paris to see the original Mona Lisa. Because we know, that is true, what we see on the screen, even if we can zoom in, seeing all the detail, we still think that is not true. People are rational, but also more irrational, I like the digital piano, because it gives me more fun, it is more approachable than the traditional piano. But I miss the traditional piano at the same time, because I know, that is the mechanical beauty, and the resonating sound —— even if it may need to be tuned again.

Post time: Jul-20-2021