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What common sense is there in playing the piano that amateurs don’t know?

1, you can’t run fast enough because you are nervous, not because you don’t have enough power.

2, A pedal may be enough for a few bars of a piece, not from start to finish

3, Bach can be pedalled

4, many pieces sound better without the pedal than with it.

5, The coolest octave is actually a relatively simple skill

6, Scales: E major, D major, are easier to play than C major (all white keys). This is because people have different finger lengths.

7, You are no more likely to meet a real conservatory graduate in a piano shop than you are to see a giant panda in the wild.

8, Taking professional piano lessons is very expensive… Thousands of dollars for a lesson is basic, but tens of thousands of dollars for a piano lesson is not so much.

9. It is not true that if you can play “bells, improvised fantasies”, you are a god, but a god always has Shaw, Lee, Besser, Mean Rhythm, etc.

10, people who take Mozart exams and competitions are either the best of the best, or the best of the best.

Post time: Nov-16-2021